Glasflasche 90 ml TOMAMI
Pure Umami drop

Purely natural flavouring power

The UMAMI seasoning from 100 % tomatoes.

Tomami = taking umami to the next level

TOMAMI® is a liquid seasoning essence that makes cooking and eating even more enjoyable.

With the seasoning essences from TOMAMI you'll achieve a lot more flavour, but with a lot less work. Anyone who has tried it, won't want to use anything else!

A few words about TOMAMI

We are a small manufacturer in Königstein which has dedicated itself to delicious food. Our seasoning essence intensify the taste and lend a spicy, savoury and full-flavoured note to every meal. This is also known as umami (the 5th basic taste).

Umami can be found naturally in many foods, for example, in mushrooms, cheese, algae and is particulary abundant in tomatoes. Using a unique production process, we are able to extract an essence from tomatoes and fill ourbottles with pure umami! This is/ also where the name comes from: Tomato and / + umami = TOMAMI.

A purely natural product – free from additives, colourings, gluten, lactose and naturally vegan. Fully ripe tomates are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and fibres; at the same time they are rich in natural flavours. Apart from the basic taste qualitites “sweet” and “sour” tomatoes also taste of “umami” and “kokumi”, which describe the sense of depth, the length of the taste in the mouth and density of taste.

How-to headline
  • 1. Prepare your favourite meal.
  • 2. Add TOMAMI according to tase
    (approx. 1-2 tsp. per serving).
  • 3. Enjoy.


How to use

It couldn't be easier: add 1-2 teaspoons of TOMAMI per serving to the dish, either while cooking or as table condiment. The special thing about TOMAMI is that the flavour of our seasoning essence do not stand out on their own, but only serve to intensify the aromas of meal itself. TOMAMI is therefore suitable for all dishes.

TOMAMI. The essence of good cooking.

TOMAMI can be used for adding seasoning and improving the taste of many dishes. It is obtained 100% from ripe tomatoes, without any additives and is gently reduced. Use to taste – either during the cooking process or to the finished dish as a condiment.



The variety TOMAMI Tomato adds a fruity, tomato note with some acidity and a savoury body to your dishes – ideal for use in Mediterranean dishes, such as pasta sauces, ratatouille, lasagne, ragouts and stews/braised dishes.


TOMAMI Umami (Umami = Japanese for meaty, savoury, intense) provides flavour and depth with a mild acidity. It is recommended for dishes, which lack typical roast flavours, such as fish soups, meat and vegetable soups, steamed fish, rice and potato dishes. Also suitable in cold preparations such as salad dressings, spreads and gazpacho.

Refine naturally

The valuable components of the tomato are retained because of the gentle physical processing method. The juice is extracted from the tomatoes; the solids and celluloses are removed by filtering. The remaining flavours are intensified in a gentle reducing process. The relationship of both taste qualities “sour” and “umami” can be controlled so that the tomato character and the acidity (variety “Tomato”) are more in the background, whereas the Umami and Kokumi characteristics are clearly emphasised (variety “Umami”).


Cooking and recipes are our passion – below you will find an essence of our recipes, refined with our wonderful TOMAMI products.


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